'Synchronizing' Button Gone? Can't sync or export iOS deck to AnkiWeb or computer

Hi all,

I’m new to Anki so maybe I’m just having growing pains here but I’m having a really hard time synchronizing my devices. I have a

  1. iPhone with newest AnkiApp Pro v7.5.1
  2. iPad with newest AnkiApp Pro v7.5.1
  3. Desktop App v⁨2.1.66 running Windows
  4. AnkiWeb account
  • All devices and AnkiWeb are logged into the same account!

PROBLEM: I cannot for the life of me get the deck I created on my iOS devices (which sync fine between iPad and iPhone) to sync with my web account and therefore not my desktop.

When I go to the most current AnkiMobile Manual for how to [Cloud Sync] from [iPhone/iPad to Computer] it tells me about a ‘Synchronize’ button that doesn’t exist on the app.

I have also tried exporting the iOS deck in question to import to computer (I don’t see an ‘import’ option on AnkiWeb?) but the zip file isn’t recognized, and when I try to just import the xml file it says there are no words in it.

Very frustrating - is this because I’m mixing operating systems? I should mention I was able to import a deck to the desktop, sync it with AnkiWeb, export it to iOS and it continues to sync across devices now, I just can’t go from iOS to AnkiWeb.

Are there any features I miss out on if I just use my iOS devices?

Please help! miigwech

The app AnkiApp has nothing to do with the Anki ecosystem. You are using the wrong app.