Syncing Question

I have tried to search this question but I have been confused by results I have found. My syncing question is this: I have been using the Anki mobile app on my iPhone and I’ve gotten a decent way into three different decks. I would like to be able to also study on my iPad/have them sync together. I’ve logged onto Anki web (which I have not used in a long time) and found I have no decks/anything there. If I click sync on the iPhone app and then enter in those login credentials, will I lose the 3 decks and all the progress I have made?
Thank you all so much for your help.

No. Just upload your collection from your device to ankiweb.

Don’t forget making a backup copy beforehand, just in case.

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Excellent. Thank you so much for your gracious and very timely and helpful response.Rare these days (specifically speaking of the gracious aspect).
Blessings friend

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