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I am having trouble with merging my anki mobile with my anki app on my macbook. I have 19 decks on ankimobile and 18 other new decks on anki app on macbook. When I try and sync them it says ‘your decks on ankiweb differ in such way that they cannot be merged’. When I log into ankiweb through my browser however, it has all of the 18 decks from my iPad. I would like all my decks to be in one place. How can I fix this, please could you help.

Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual (Conflicts) and
Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual (Merging conflicts)

If you have only new decks on your computer, I would export them, then sync the iPad to AnkiWeb, sync the computer with AnkiWeb (overriding the local content) and import the previously exported decks. Then you can sync everything back to AnkiWeb and to your iPad.

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Hi there, but why are only my iPad Anki cards saved to Anki cloud account right now? are my MacBook Anki cards not currently saving?

Is your Anki on macOS connected to AnkiWeb (are you logged in) and have you tried syncing recently?

I don’t think it’s connected to AnkiWeb because whenever I log into AnkiWeb, it just comes up with my iPad anki cards not my MacOS cards

You need to login from your desktop version and you need to sync it. It is likely you experience a sync conflict then, see my previous posting on how to proceed then.

I don’t know what my desktop login is? It never made me make a login when I first downloaded the app onto my computer?

You have credentials to log into AnkiWeb (used by your iPad and while logging into AnkiWeb from your browser). You need to add these login information to Anki desktop as well to keep it in sync with AnkiWeb.

You do appear to have set up syncing with your computer already. If you still find your computer has some decks that your phone does not, could you give me an example deck name please, and an example card that’s in it?

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