AnkiWeb not syncing to Mobile Anki

I’ve been working on my computer version of Anki. I created decks, cards and a new profile. The decks have synchronized; however, none of the cards that I made on my computer are available on the mobile app.

Also, the additional user profile I created has not synced.

I checked the media log, but no clues there.

Any suggestions?

You’ll need to either merge your profiles or create separate accounts: Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

After adding cards on the computer, please make sure you sync your computer, and then your phone, as shown in AnkiMobile

Despite synchronizing my content from my computer, Anki Mobile is not synchronizing one deck in particular. All other decks are synchronizing well.

This deck had suddenly lost all of its content when I completed reviewing cards within the deck. When I clicked on “check media” the decks were recovered back into my AnkiWeb. Now, when I try and sync to AnkiMobile only this one deck won’t sync…

That sounds like it’s the default deck, which is hidden when it has no due cards in it. I recommend renaming the deck back to ‘Default’, then selecting the cards in it in the computer version, and moving them to a newly created deck with the previous name.

I tried that, but no success. It seems all the recovered cards on my computer will not sync back onto my phone. Do I need to force a sync my phone?

The changes I suggested don’t appear to have been made to your AnkiWeb collection - you still have cards in the default deck, and it has not been renamed. Please go through the steps again, selecting all cards in that deck in the Browse screen, and moving them to a new deck. If you sync, then sync your phone, you should see the cards have appeared in the new deck. You can then rename the empty deck back to Default, and rename the new deck to the desired name, and you should be good to go.

Yasssss!!! I needed to copy the decks from the browse screen not the main screen. Thank you!