Syncing & AnkiWeb

I am new to Anki. Hope someone can help?
The syncing between my ankimobile app and ankiweb is failing. I keep losing decks I have created when I sync. - all the cards disappear? The deck is still there but now empty on both platforms.
I suspect I have put the wrong information in when the dialogue box came up on the first sync?
Can I start again? Or correct the syncing information from that original dialogue box? (Mick)

If you accidentally synced in the wrong direction, you may be able to recover your data from an automatic backup:

On the first sync, if you wish to keep the data on your local device, please make sure to choose “upload”:

Thanks dae,
I was able to back up previous versions.
Now the problem is that as soon as I study that deck, and then go back to decks - the cards vanish!!! on both sites!
If I go to ankiweb and also study from there - when I close the deck - again the cards vanish on both sites!
I hope you have more suggestions???

That sounds like the cards are not due yet. Please take a look at

Thanks for your patience and help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Reading the things around what you directed me to … I see one thing I have done wrong … I have 2 profiles connected to the same ankiweb account.
I saw the help section on merging profiles - but I don’t seem to have done that correctly? Can I delete one of the profiles on my ankimobile app? Can I start again with the app? And only use the one profile.

If you wish to start afresh, removing the app and reinstalling it will remove all data you have saved in it. Alternatively, you can just create a new profile in the preferences screen, then delete the old one(s) to remove all your card data.

If you merge two profiles together into one and have confirmed all your cards are there, uploading on that device and downloading on any other device you have should bring everything into sync.

Hi Damien
Thanks again for your support.
As I am discovering more regards how anki works (I am following a mini course by Ali Abdaal) I now understand your comment on point 3 and how the algorithm of anki could be hiding the cards?

So I am wondering if they will come back in a day or two - whenever the algorithm tells them?

If this doesn’t work I will export my decks and reinstall …

Wishing you well and thanks

Yes, they should do. You can check the due date by looking at the Due column in the Browse screen.