I lost my latest cards after a synchronisation

I lost my cards today after spending all day creating new ones on Ankiweb.
I then looked at the Anki app on my laptop to add new ones there, but I could’nt find the deck i had been using all day.
Some other decks weren’t there either, which makes me think that the version was an old one. So I clicked on « synchronisation » button, thinking that it would synchronize with Ankiweb and the hundred of cards that I had added today…
It didn’t change, the new decks still were absents, so I looked back on Ankiweb and my new cards had disappeared. Now it’s a version from weeks ago on ankiweb and on Anki app.

I tried to search for ancient backups but I don’t use the Anki app very often and I am most of the time on the web version so the oldest one is from may…

How can I find a more recent version ? my work of today ? Please help me

Hi, just to make sure you are using the correct app, see below

AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

Anki desktop Backups - Anki Manual
Ankidroid backup: AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual
Ankimobile backup: Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual

if none of the above work, then dae will need to revert sync

Oh sorry I said Anki app but I meant the desktop version, I didn’t know the Ankiapp existed so it’s not this.

And I already tried to follow the instructions of the manual to restore another backup but i couldn’t find a backup recent enough.

Thank you for your answer !

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I’m afraid there’s no way to recover the cards, as you added them after the last AnkiWeb backup was made. To avoid future data loss, please be careful when doing one-way syncs, or use the computer version to add cards, as it makes backups regularly.

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Okay thank you I will try to do so

Hi there! Same here :face_exhaling:
I spent all day writing new decks of cards in AnkiWeb. An hour ago I went to Anki desktop app to add an image in a card I have added before…
As the decks were not there, I press sync but for my sorprise nothing happened after loading. When I go back to AnkiWeb the decks had dissapeared.

Anki desktop version:
Versión ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩
Python 3.10.8 Qt 6.4.0 PyQt 6.4.0

I’m running Linux.

as you added them after the last AnkiWeb backup was made

@dae I now understand the risk of use AnkiWeb; but can you check if there are a way to recover some of my decks?
This apparent bug of desktop app is very inconvenient.


To avoid future data loss, please be careful when doing one-way syncs

It should be noted that when I pressed synchronize there was no dialog nor alert about how I would like to sync my decks.

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Same as you, there wasn’t any dialog nor alert…

If you weren’t prompted to upload or download, then the only way you should be able to permanently lose cards is if you’d deleted them on one of your clients. I recommend you use Tools>Check Database to see if it can find your missing deck (if it does, it will be called ‘recovered…’.

Looks to my there are some cases where the conflict dialog when syncing doesn’t appear?

A few days ago I installed Anki on an old Windows PC. Since it was 32bits I had to installed the last supported version (2.1.35 alternate, I think). I installed one of my decks and then I decided it was best to connect my account and download everything from ankiweb. To my surprise, my whole ankiweb collection was replaced by the one deck I had just installed, and there wasn’t any prompting. (I just forced uploaded it from my main computer though, so it was fine.)

Maybe I should add this to a different thread, but it seems to me it might be related to this.

Hello, I really need help. I used ankiweb (with my account) since 1 mouth, And I have so much cards. I used ankiweb on tablet to learn. But I’ve had anki (app) on my computer and I sycned (by connecting my account on the app). What a mistake!!. All the new decks I’ve created was replaced by the old (created on the app) so now I don’t know how to back up with my account since I don’t use the app. I really need to recover all of the work I’ve done. Any solution ? ;(

@dae will have to check if there is a backup on ankiweb to restore it. It is always best to create your cards on Desktop anyway, since backups are created regularly.

@dae, I think this is another case of the situation mentioned on other threads like:

Looks like the one-way sync dialog is not coming up in these situations (creating cards on Ankiweb, or in my case when I connected to Ankiweb from desktop for the first time on a new computer). I’m not sure if this is by design or if it’s a bug though.

But can we stille back up for ankiweb version, I have the same problem but I lost decks I’ve made one week ago can I still get them back? btw these are the deck I want to get back please:

@nourthe you will need to contact me privately with the email address you sync with so I can check, as it doesn’t appear to be the one you’re using on the forums.

@suiyuan The only time Anki should skip confirmation is if the AnkiWeb account is empty and the local collection is not empty. It looks like you allowed your AnkiWeb account to expire before you synced, which is why no confirmation was shown. AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

@Victornox I have replied to your message.

Oh, no, no, definitely not the case, I’m positive. This happened on an account where I am actively creating decks, it was synced the day before.


  1. I downloaded Anki (2.1.35 alternate) on a computer.
  2. Installed one of my decks from apkg
  3. Decided to sync to download all of them
  4. Added my account (very recently active) to the desktop app
  5. Synced without any warning about one-way syncing
  6. When my decks didn’t appear I checked on Ankiweb and only the deck installed in step 2 was there
  7. Forced one-way sync from my usual computer to retrieve them

I thought maybe it was because of that old Anki version I had to install (because it was a 32bit Windows machine).

If you follow the same steps again, are you able to reproduce the problem? I’ve tried this multiple times using 23.10, and always get a confirmation prompt, so I’m not sure why we’d be seeing different behavior. I believe things were handled fairly similarly in 2.1.35, but it’s 3 years old at this point, and I don’t remember it precisely.

In any case, as precautionary measure, I’ll look into adding a confirmation prompt for the upload case, like there is for downloading.

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Fortunately I got the IT guy to provide a 64-bit system so now I installed 23.10 on that machine. I will try and reproduce if I get the chance, but having the message pop-up on uploading sounds good, thanks!

I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of this. It would only happen on the first sync, and only when you were using an old Anki client. It should be fixed now.

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