Wrong syncro, I've lost my cards... (btw Web and DesktopAnki)

I’ve used AnkiWeb all this morning, adding cards. This evening, I tried to sync all my accounts (I tried to sync what I’d done this morning on the Web to my pc, so on DesktopAnki). The result was : I lost all the cards done this morning on the Web and all that was left was the old version I had in my computer.
I’ve seen no “backup” option on the web and the backups that are in my computer are the olds ones.
I saw in the forum that you could restore a backup from before the web version was erased this morning.
Is it possible, please ? I hope my 4 hours of work aren’t lost… please ^^"
Thank you very much

@dae (i’ve seen you solve the problem in another message on the forum, is it still possible please ? thank you very much in advance, I would be so happy to have my work back ^^)

Backups are not taken every day, so I’m afraid it’s not possible to recover changes made in the last few days.

so I’ve lost all these cards ? there is no way I can have those back ?

I’m afraid not. Please either be careful when doing a one-way sync, or use the computer version to add cards so you get regular backups.

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