Anyway I can get my Ankiweb backup?


I am currently traveling and was using AnkiWeb a lot on my phone to study as it’s quite convenient. Today, I got a chance and opened my computer to sync the AnkiWeb content with an old Anki Desktop I had previously downloaded.

This is where disaster struck! I could have sworn I chose the download from web option, but somehow it synced with the local cards which are quite old and out of date, and overwrote all my new changes in the past few days which were done on the AnkiWeb page.

Is there any way to get a backup of the AnkiWeb data? Since I have mostly been using AnkiWeb instead of Anki Desktop, there is no recent backup of the cards (the last ones before today’s kerfuffle were over a year ago) on my laptop sadly.

I was looking through the forums and it seems like @dae this may be something you could help with? I would be eternally grateful if you could help take a look at this. Thank you so much!

I can restore your AnkiWeb collection to a backup from around a week ago, but it will erase any cards you currently have in it, and you will need to do a full download. Do you want me to proceed?

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Hi @dae that would be awesome, thanks!

Ok, it’s restored. Please choose Download on the next sync.

Thanks a bunch, was able to download the new cards! :smile:

Hello! I am having a similar issue with my account - my laptop recently crashed and I had two profiles saved to my mac Anki app. There is one profile in particular that I am desperately trying to recover from Anki web that is not showing up- would you be able to help with this matter?

If you were syncing that profile to an AnkiWeb account, you should be able to sync with that account and download your details. If you had not set up syncing or were not actively syncing it to AnkiWeb, I’m afraid it won’t be possible to recover.

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Yes I was syncing the desired profile to the anki web everyday! So I am hoping by re setting to even just 2 days ago (or a week ago if need be) the problem will be resolved. The issue is that when I tried to log into my anki account on a friends laptop who also has her own set of anki cards, my previous decks were overridden by her cards. Is it possible for you to return to a backup from 2 days ago (so that it would be the most recent version of my desired profile)?

@dae Please let me know if I can clarify in anyway, I can also provide Anki account details and exact dates for when the back up would be relevant to the profile I am trying to recover. Really appreciate it, thank you.

Re : @dae thank you so much for your help! Everything is fixed, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I have restored your collection to a backup from the 29th. Please choose ‘download’ on the next sync.

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