Recovering AnkiWeb backup?

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I’m going to attempt to make this as brief as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use AnkiWeb a lot on public transport, which means my “local” Anki programme has not been synced or updated in quite a while.

Today, I did the unspeakable. I launched up my local Anki program and pressed the sync button, hoping to download my AnkiWeb data to the local machine. However, when pressing sync, I was not prompted with any concerns as to whether I would like to upload or download the data, and the old and outdated local Anki data was uploaded to AnkiWeb, where it stands now today with hundreds of pending cards (and about three weeks worth of erased progress).

I was hoping to be prompted with a download/upload question when pressing sync. Fate was not so kind.

I looked around in the forums, and saw threads suggesting you could possibly help with this, @dae ? I would be forever appreciative (as I am also super mindful and appreciative of accurate data in my Anki stats… as well as my lost progress).

Some details for reference in case of the possibility of restoration:

  • The “point of messing up” was the 6th of October 2023, at ~10:50PM (UTC+2).
  • The pending cards of a 2.3k vocab deck went from 192 to around 452.

Thank you in advance, :heart:

I have restored your collection from a backup from a few days ago. Please choose download on the next sync.

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Hello @dae ,

Today I experienced exactly the same issue as Mads above. The overwriting of the Ankiweb backup by the local Anki program (Windows) happened circa 2023-10-23 09:08 (UTC+2), and erased roughly a month of progress. The backup on Ankiweb, which was overwritten, was from 2023-10-22 (a day old).

My Ankiweb account email is the same as on this forum. Would it be possible for you to help me?

Many thanks in advance.

I have restored your collection to a backup taken about a week ago. For any future people requesting this, please post your request on

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Hi, @dae. Yesterday, I experienced exactly the same issue as Mads and Haldor. The backup on Ankiweb, which was overwritten, was from 2023-11-10 at 23:00 Brazil (2:00a UTC). Also, I sent a request on “anki.tenderapp”, but I wanted to make sure in here to. Thanks

I’ve restored your collection to the last backup.

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