Need Help Restoring Lost Data After First-time Sync Attempt

I recently attempted my first sync with Anki, but unfortunately, I seem to have encountered an issue where my existing data was replaced. Initially, I was unable to complete the sync as the content on my Anki desktop app and AnkiWeb differed.

Assuming that my desktop data would remain intact, I chose to download the data present on AnkiWeb. However, this action appears to have replaced the files on my desktop with those from the web.

As a result, I’ve lost my locally stored decks. Unfortunately, I haven’t created any backups as I am new to using Anki. Is there a way to restore my original decks?

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide to resolve this issue.

Anki backups your data automatically: Backups - Anki Manual Good luck. I


Hey there,

A big, warm THANK YOU to you! Your helpful advice did the trick and my original decks are back in action. I can’t tell you how relieved I am!

I’m just getting started with Anki, so your guidance was more than just helpful – it was a mini masterclass for me. Thanks to your tips, I’m now a step closer to becoming an Anki pro.

I’m really grateful for your support and the time you took to help me out. I hope we cross paths again in this wonderful forum.

Thanks again!

Happy to help. Please make sure to backup your device to some external storage space. We see too much people without backups and broken/lost devices here.

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