Restoring lost decks


I was trying to sync my data for the first time to AnkiWeb because I wanted to install an AnKing deck. Anki asked if I wanted to upload or download when synchronizing my collection for the first time. I pressed download and ended up losing all of my decks but one. Thankfully I had some downloaded, but the majority were not saved to my computer. Is there any way I am able to recover lost decks from this process?

Thank you so much!

There are probably local backups in your device.

Anki will create automatic backups of your card data. These include the text on your cards and your scheduling information, but do not include sounds or image files.

For images and sound file you’ll need to reimport the .apkg file if you have that. I assume you’re using shared decks so that won’t be hard. Restoring from the backups gets you the scheduling information.

To restore from an automatic backup:
Open Anki, and choose Switch Profile from the File menu.
Click on the “Open Backup” button.
Select the backup you wish to restore from.
When restoring from a backup, any changes made since the backup was created will be lost.
Anki disables automatic syncing and backups when you restore from a backup. Once you’re happy that you’ve restored the correct backup, close and re-open Anki to return to normal.