Lost anki decks from web sync

I hadn’t looked at my anki decks in several months and then went to check them online and found that all my decks were gone — is there any way to undo this ? I don’t have any local copies since I had to reset my computer unexpectedly. Any help I can get to recover them would be so appreciated

I’m afraid if you have no local copies/backups, it won’t be possible to recover the data: AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

i saw that someone else had a similar issue and was able to get it restored – i think the post is titled lost anikweb decks due to sync – is there any chance this could work for me

If you’re thinking about something like – Accidentally saved over ankiweb cards ? That was data overwritten in a sync today … not data deleted from an old account months ago. That solution won’t work for you, I’m sorry to say.

Did you sync with another device perhaps, where you might be able to find your collection? Have any backups of your computer (or the Anki profile-location Managing Files - Anki Manual, or your collection) from before you “reset” your computer? Even an old backup is better than nothing. Does “reset” mean wiped the hard-drive, or something less complete? Might you still have Anki data on that computer?

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I’m not able to paste links for some reason, but it was titled [Lost all my AnkiWeb decks due to sync], and they were able to get decks restored (seemingly) without a personal backup. I dont think i have any access to anki since my computer formatted unexpectedly. the whole drive was reset.

Okay that one – Lost all my AnkiWeb decks due to sync

I suspect that situation is different because the data was lost in a sync, as opposed to a deleted account. I’m sure if dae had your data, he’d offer to restore it – he’s usually quick to do that when he can.

I gave you all my best suggestions for where to look for your data. Whether you want to look or not is up to you. If you had no backups anywhere and were relying on AnkiWeb to save your collection forever, I think you’re probably out of luck.

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