Lost all my AnkiWeb decks due to sync

I went back to AnkiWeb after a long while and wanted to sync my current AnkiDesktop decks with the ones I had on AnkiWeb, however the sync deleted all the decks I had on my account (the AnkiWeb one) and apparently AnkiWeb doesn’t do backups so I can’t recover them…?

Is there a way to get them back or are they lost forever? It was a ton of work… :\

How long was it? Is it possible that it was long enough that your AnkiWeb account was deleted? AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

If AnkiDesktop is what was current, and the decks are now missing from AnkiWeb – aren’t they still on AnkiDesktop? You don’t need AnkiWeb to have its own backup – you’ve got the current version in Desktop, and even local backups you can restore.

I have restored your AnkiWeb account from a backup. Please choose Download on the next sync to download it, making sure you’ve backed up any local material you wish to keep first.

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