AnkiWeb deck deleted


I accidentally deleted my decks that I created on AnkiWeb when I uploaded from my AnkiDesktop application. Is there a way to restore the decks that I created on AnkiWeb? Thank you!

You could restore them through a backup, as long as Anki’s stored one.

Each time your collection is closed (when closing Anki, switching profiles, or synchronizing your deck), Anki exports your collection into the backups folder. By default Anki will store up to 30 backups; you can adjust this in the preferences. Managing Files - Anki Manual

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My problem is the decks I created on AnkiWeb were deleted. I don’t believe that users have access to those backups…unless I’m wrong.

There was a backup made on the 9th, but your current AnkiWeb collection appears to have more cards than were in the backup.

Thanks for your response. Is there anyway I can get those cards that were on Ankiweb but not my computer?

If you wish to have your AnkiWeb account reverted to the state it was when the backup was taken, please post a message on You will need to back up any existing data you have first, and will need to manually export and import any cards that you want to copy across.