Deleted Deck, is there a way to recover?

I accidentally deleted my decks from my anki when I had another computer.
Can I recover this deck from Anki servers? It has more than 1300 cards :frowning:
I can’t recover using a backup file because it was made using another computer.

Now I have another with only 100 cards but I’d like to recover my old deck.

Thank u

Is there currently no auto back up for your pc?

If you have not yet synchronized AnkiWeb after deleting it, maybe you can use this setting.

  • Tools > Preferencces > Syncing > Synchronisation > On next sync, force changes in one direction > Sync > Download from AnkiWeb

But I think AnkiWeb only stores one data, so if you have already overwritten the data, you cannot recover it from AnkiWeb.

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AnkiWeb takes occasional backups, and your backup does not appear to have more cards than you currently have in your AnkiWeb collection.


Thank u guys!
Actually, the backup was made using another computer so I don’t have it anymore.
It was an old deck that I made 1 year ago and I’d like to know if by any chance it could be on ankiweb servers. But no hassle.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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