My decks on Ankiweb were lost after I synced with desktop

I synced my desktop decks with my Ankiweb decks and got that popup asking me what to overwrite. I choose to overwrite the decks on Ankiweb because I assumed only the cards with conflicting options would be overwritten. That was not the case and my decks that were previously on Ankiweb are now gone and are replaced by my decks on desktop.

How can I recover those decks? I know from other discussions that Anki creates backups, but as far as I can tell the backups are only made of the decks on desktop, not on Ankiweb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I am afraid that there is no automatic backup for ankiweb

Have a look in the FAQ section Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) (sorry, cannot publish a link here, the forum software refuses links)

Maybe you have some data set in your local backups to restore

If you have no local backups, please message me your AnkiWeb email privately on, and I may be able to restore a backup.

Update: It turns out I had a backup on Ankidroid. I got my decks back, yay!

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