AnkiWeb decks overwritten during sync

I was trying to sync my desktop app with AnkiWeb but there was a merge conflict, and I accidentally chose the option that overrides the decks on AnkiWeb when I meant to update those on my local machine, and now my AnkiWeb decks are gone. I know that local decks are backed up but I don’t know how to restore the ones I lost on AnkiWeb. What can I do?

edit: I’ve looked through some of the other posts on the forum and seems like a problem @dae could fix. If you could please take a look at this I would be beyond grateful :pray:

The ~500 cards in your AnkiWeb collection don’t appear to have changed since the last backup, so I’m afraid I can not restore any others you may be thinking of.

That’s strange. Could you check the decks of the account associated with my alternate email (listed on my profile)?

You appear to have around 5000 cards in that account, and the backup from a few days ago is the same, and probably happened after you synced. There’s a backup from July, but that has only about 3700 cards.

Yes, the 5000 cards that are now there are the ones that overrode the previous ones. Could you please restore the backup from July?

Done - please choose ‘download’ on the next sync.

Thank you so much for your help :pray:

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