Decks missing from AnkiWeb

I mainly use Anki on my phone and regularly sync to AnkiWeb. I recently got a new phone and cleared all data from my old phone to give to my sister.

I downloaded Anki on my new phone and assumed that after synchronising all my decks would reappear, however they didn’t and I just got a default deck with zero cards.

Even more worryingly, when I signed into AnkiWeb there were also no decks, just the default. This is crushing as I have used Anki for a many years and have lost some mega custom decks.

Is there any way to get them back? I assume the Anki backups were deleted when I cleared my old phone

It appears you account just expired: AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve restored your collection from a backup - when you next sync, please choose Download. Any sounds and images you had will be missing. It appears you previously synced with a computer, so if you still have access to your computer, you may be able to recover your data from there.

Amazing! Thank you :blush:

I have a new Android phone.

The old one died last summer and since then I have not used Anki-Droids.

Went back to it this weekend and all my decks are gone. My account is empty. - a lot of work lost.

Can you help



I’m afraid you don’t appear to have been syncing your data to AnkiWeb, so there is no data on AnkiWeb which can be recovered.

Dman it. :frowning:

Well. Thanks for coming back to me on this.

Last year I was using Anki regularly and synced my decks between the desktop app and AnkiWeb. On a new PC, I tried to sign in and sync but the decks are missing from AnkiWeb.

I gather from this thread that a mod can check the account and check if there is a backup somewhere, would this be possible?

I’m afraid your data can not be recovered.

Thank you for checking.

Hi @dae, I noticed my data was deleted and I wanted to ask if you could please check for a restore point. I did not receive a deletion email but believe it is because I had not confirmed my email address.

Thank you

Sorry, it is not possible to recover your account.