Synced the wrong way from new DesktopAnki to AnkiWeb and lost all my cards there

Hi Anki Forum,
I’ve had Anki Web for years and had created a few decks there.
I just downloaded the Mac version to enable uploading multiple cards at once and hit sync thinking it would sync my AnkiWeb decks to the Mac Desktop Anki, but it did the opposite, syncing a newly added deck from my Mac to AnkiWeb and deleting all the AnkiWeb decks.
I see in some posts they were able to restore other’s AnkiWeb to previous days before the syncing mistake. Would it be possible to ask you to do the same for me?
I would be so appreciative!
There is one deck there now that was added yesterday but it’s ok if it is deleted as I have a backup on my computer.
Thank you in advance for any help or advice!


I’ve restored your collection to a backup. Please choose Download on the next sync.

@dae Thank you so much!!
When you work on those decks over years - it feels so horrible to think that in one second you deleted them all.
What a relief!!
You are so appreciated!!


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