SOS! Synced my Mac OS Desktop - lost 10 decks of cards - HELP!

I’m not very fluent in Anki, but I just spent the morning organizing and combining my decks on my Mac OS desktop app, pressed “sync” thinking that I would sync it up to AnkiWeb so that I could then sync my iphone app with it to reflect the organizational changes… but now almost all decks that I had are emptied!! WHAT DID I DO?

I think that all my cards are on my iPhone app… is there a way to resync my desktop based on my iPhone??

One deck seems to have a lot of cards - I can’t tell if all ~4000 cards I originally had in total are within this deck and the deck assignments just consolidated into this one deck label, or if all the other deck cards I had were just deleted. I had alternating decks of imported and manually made cards, so the organizational changes this morning were me converting these decks as sub decks so that I could group them under the same parent deck, such as “Bio::Imported” versus “Bio::Mine”.

THANK YOU! these cards are my lifeline because im taking the MCAT this month and its crucial that I can recover these. Many months of work went into making them. Thanks so much.

If you go to the menu File -> Switch Profile and hit the Open Backup button, can you find an earlier backup of your collection? Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss)

If you have your cards on iPhone, you can sync them with Ankiweb by selecting sync and choosing upload (on your iPhone), later on, your computer you can select sync and choose download to download your collection from Ankiweb.

In the future, you can try to keep your own backup your collection (your Anki directory on your local computer), see Managing Files and Your Collection. In my computer, I daily run a script that backups the whole Anki directory daily up to the last 100 copies/days.

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BLESS YOUR SOUL! I was able to find a backup from 2 days ago, and that is good enough. Wow. I don’t know who you are and if you are paid to response to forum posts or just do it for fun but I hope you feel good about how much you just helped out a stranger today. thanks so much :grin: