Lost anki decks after syncing from web by accident


So after discovering i had not lost my decks due to V3 update i configured my decks and found them all. Stupidly immediately after doing this i logged into my anki desctop app (mac) and the box came up asking if i wished to upload or download from anki web due to the decks not being same. I must have clicked the wrong one as my decks are all gone and now i only have the anki web decks content which i have not used therefore only has 10 or so cards and none of the same deck names.

I have tried going through file:switch profile to look for back ups on the desktop but cannot seem to find any backups which are not of the web browser anki content.

Can anyone advise me how best to retrieve my anki desktop browser content on my macbook?

Just to add, my mobile anki app still shows the decks i want on my desktop. It hasn’t synced with the desktop app.

If this just happened now (/today/yesterday), you should have many automatic backups at both ends that you can restore from. [For instance, on Desktop, I’ve got 9 from today, a dozen from yesterday, and 1 from every earlier day this week.] Make sure you’re looking in the right place.

AnkiDesktop: Backups - Anki Manual
AnkiMobile: Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual

You can also force a full sync your AnkiMobile to upload to AnkiWeb, and then force sync your Desktop to download from AnkiWeb.

AnkiDesktop: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual
AnkiMobile: Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual

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