My decks are gone when I pressed "Download from Ankiweb"

Hello guys! I really need help! I made like 4-6 decks which contains about 20 cards and when I close the Anki in my MacBook Air, it usually ask me if I want to “Download from Ankiweb” or “Upload to Ankiweb”. I pressed “Download from Ankiweb” and when I opened my Anki app, the decks that I made for just hours ago disappeared. Does someone of you knows where did it go? I already backed up but they are still gone. It is very frustrating since I have my exam in three days and It feels depressing to do them again.

Did you check if there is a recent backup of your collection Anki kept for you? See Anki Manual

You should pay more attention to messages, especially this one :slight_smile:
Also see Anki Manual

If you don’t find any recent backups that have your decks I’m afraid they are gone.

Anki should take a backup when you click Download, but there was a bug in some previous versions of Anki that prevented that, and it was fixed in 2.1.40


Oh I see :frowning: . I hope that Anki will have a function like Word document that save every thing you write or add automatically.

Thanks for the info tho!

Meanwhile, Anki syncs when you start and quit the app. And also it’s always meaningful to make your own backup copies once a week or so to a different file system/disk or cloud. Hard disks and SSD disks do fail.

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