Deleted deck after download

I wanted to upload my deck so that I could save it and send it to someone but it deleted my entire deck once I pressed sync -> download.
I have tried looking for the backups by going to file -> switch profile -> open backups
The earliest backup I found is from today with all of my decks deleted. The only other backup is from a month ago with my older decks but not the one I made this past week for my exam.
My exam is tomorrow morning and I really need this deck with 300+ terms, how can I recover it?

I think you’re out of luck recovering it from Anki unfortunately :frowning: (Maybe some data recovery software can help, but I have no suggestions here)

To avoid this happening again, please see

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Anki should create a backup each time you close it. Did you leave the app open the whole week, or adjust the default backup settings?