I think i erased about 300 cards can someone help

I am using anki web with the anki mobile app. I am new to the platform and i completed about 300 cards this morning and when i went to sync they disappeared. I had to do a force sync and it said that i would lose any progress on the desktop( anki web) but i thought that meant the cards i had studied not the 5 decks i had just entered. Is there any hope to recovering these also how can i get those decks to my iphone and the anki mobile app without risking this in the future, Disclaimer I am 50 years old and not computer illiterate but definitely not a tech guy so to speak

If you accidentally deleted your card collection, it’s easy to recover them by restoring an automatic backup in the app:

To avoid that problem in the future, please take a look here and make sure to use the automatic sync feature.

I went to the backups and there was not a backup there with the cards on them. It was only backed up 2 hours before i tried to force the sync. I never got the cards off of the anki webb to the mobile app. When i forced the sync it erased all of the card off of anki webb on my desktop and the mobile app backup never had them. Thank you for your attempt
help. I really appreciate it

I’m afraid if you added those cards on AnkiWeb and then uploaded from AnkiMobile, it is not possible to recover the cards you added. To avoid this problem happening in the future, I recommend you add cards using the downloadable computer version instead of AnkiWeb (as it creates frequent backups), and make sure you sync at the start and end of each session: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube