Can I recover deleted cards

I was having trouble with adding new cards to my iPad app. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled in the hopes of fixing the issue. When I logged in, the app asked if I’d like to sync the data from the web or to the web. I thought that since I added the cards from my iPad that I should sync from my iPad to the web. I DONT HAVE ALL THE CARDS I CREATED in the app nor the web. IS THERE A WAY TO UNDO THIS??? (I’ve accumulated about 1k cards for the MCAT, I REALLY NEED to undo whatever was done to delete all my cards)

I have restored your AnkiWeb collection to a backup that was made around 5 days ago. Normally you would be able to recover a more recent backup on your phone, but unfortunately when you removed the app, it will have removed any previous backups at the same time. Please force a full sync in the preferences screen, then choose “download” to grab the backup from AnkiWeb.

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Every time I attempt to add a new card, ANKI keeps taking me to the main desk and the card I’m working on is lost. HELP.

what version of anki are you using?
have you tried adding cards on the latest beta?
have you tried disabling all add-ons [1] to see if the problem is caused by an add-on?

[1] start anki while you are holding “Shift” key down

It says 2.0.63 for iPad. I LOST ALL MY CARDS after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Is there a way to get them back??!? (I need them to study for the MCAT)

it’s a shame that i mistook the category for anki desktop :frowning:

if you had a ankiweb account, you can login and get all your cards back.
i have not used ankimobile myself, but anki should create automatic local backups too.
AnkiMobile Backups

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