Syncing Not Working + Missing Deck + Other Issues

On my pc it shows my whole deck with cards and i sync it, and it syncs. i go to my phone and ipad and both show no cards on that deck, i sync and it stays the same.

i have checked database on both phone and ipad and it always says ‘‘fixed 1 deck missing’’ (somehting like that) but when i go to check it didnt fix anything

  1. Syncing ankidesktop with ankiweb doesnt work for a single deck.
  2. Yes it is def the right ankiweb account because if I create a new deck on ankidesktop and sync, it shows up on ankiweb.
  3. Renaming decks makes them disappear
  4. On browse if I look at a subdeck of the deck that isnt syncing with ankiweb, it shows no cards even if it has cards.
  5. Anki on iPhone and iPad show 0 cards on that specific deck.
  6. Checked database on all devices, says it fixed 1 deck, didnt fix anything.
  7. reinstalled anki on iPhone, deck still shows missing, cuz ankiweb shows missing aswell.
  8. I could reinstall ankidesktop but if its where the deck actually shows cards but simply doesnt sync, then i could lose that ghost backup of the deck if that makes sense.
  9. If i try to add ankis to a deck within the deck that isnt syncing, and try to search the name of the subdeck on the add option, it gives me an error and wont let me add anything to the subdeck.

This is happening because you created a deck with ‘:::’ in the name (3 instead of 2), which is confusing Anki. The following in the debug console should fix it:

for e in mw.col.decks.all_names_and_ids():
  if ":::" in =":::", "::")

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