Deck invisible in the decks menu, but still exists in anki

Hello. Something really strange happened today. When I synced on the iOS app, all the cards in one of my decks completely disappeared. In the prior day, I actually did some renaming and change the deck’s name from “!日本語” to “!!日本語” and then finally to “!!!日本語”. When I synced on the iOS app the next day, the “!!!日本語” deck was gone, it was replaced by an empty “!!日本語” (with two exclamation marks instead of three). All the sundecks are gone as well. But when I type a word that was in a card in the original deck, it shows up in the browser as “!!!日本語”. After I realised the deck was gone on my phone, I actually backed up the deck right before pressing sync on my Mac. It actually downloaded the bugged collection from Ankiweb, I also logged into Ankiweb and it indeed has the bugged collection. But I do have the deck file in my computer. When I try to import it, it says all the cards are already present so no changes were made. But I cannot see the deck in the decks menu. I actually deleted the “!!日本語” deck because I thought I could import the backup then, but it did not work. It also doesn’t show up in the “decks” menu

Can anybody help me?

I would start by exporting your collection as well as saving all the existing backups, in case anything you try makes the problem worse.

I would then try:

  • Tools > Check Database
  • Exporting and reimporting the deck (remember to include scheduling information)
  • If the cards are still visible in the browser, creating a new, empty deck and then moving the decks into the new deck

If what you’ve tried already has caused the deck/cards to be deleted you’ll need to restore from the most recent backup that still has that data before trying the above steps.

If that all fails, load the most recent working backup into a new profile, export the deck you want to save, and import it into your main profile (this will prevent you losing progress on your other decks. If that profile appears to still be bugged, it might be necessary to create a new profile and load all the decks into it (the current versions for the other decks, the last working version for the bugged deck). Hopefully this won’t be needed but it should almost certainly work.


“Check database” fixed the issue. Thank you so much!

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