Sync iPad to Mac - pls help

Hi There,

I have recently purchases the $40 iPad app v2.0.80 (2000800.2) and have a lot of cards in a few decks I need to sync with my Mac v2.1.44 (which also has cards).

How can I sync both devices together without loosing any content?

I also can not login to the iPad to sync as I get an error “pls check internet connect…error sending request for url (): error trying to connect dns error……blah blah….
I have done a password reset and am can login to AnkiWeb and the Mac app, just not the iPad which has my most valuable content.

Appreciate some help thanks.

For info on merging, please see Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

For the network error, please try syncing on a different wifi network, or over 4G (but be mindful of your data limit).

Thanks but I’m not clear on how to achieve the following:

  • sync the library from my Mac to the cloud AND
  • sync the library from my iPad ALSO to the cloud

both libraries have unique decks and cards which I want to merge (and not loose).
Appreciate some guidance thank you.

The link above describes the steps you need to take in order to merge changes. Please follow them to the best of your ability (especially the backup step at the start), and post again if you get stuck on a particular step.