No sync button or command in ANKI iPhone or IPad all

I uploaded a deck to ANKIweb using the sync function, but I am unable to sync it to my iPhone or my iPad. In all the videos I’ve seen there is a synchronize button in the lower right of the screen on either the iPhone or the iPad. Neither of my devices has that button.

I am uploading two images. One from my iPhone and 1 from my computer showing AnkiWeb and the Anki app both on my Mac

The app on your phone doesn’t look familiar to me. Is it the right one? It’s possible the interface has changed significantly while my attention was elsewhere, but this is the app you need to sync with the Anki ecosystem.


Thank you, Danika!! I thought AnkiPro was the official app. I embarrassed to say how much time I took trying to figure this out.


It’s a tricky scam those copycat apps run! But I’m glad you worked it out before they had all of your data trapped there! It’s harder to get out than to get in.

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