Anki won't sync from Mac to iphone

I have made some Anki decks on my MacBook, and I am trying to sync them to my phone. I have pressed sync, and I see them on Anki web, but when I press sync on my iPhone, they won’t appear. I have watched many youtube tutorials, and they show a download to Anki button when you press sync on the computer, but that isn’t appearing for me. I did make a new profile on my iPhone, and that appeared, but when I clicked it, it showed the app syncing, an option to debug, and then nothing happened. I am using the same login information for both mac and iPhone. Any assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you!

The account associated with the email you’re writing from shows AnkiMobile having been synced recently, but not the computer version. If your computer version is syncing fine, please check the preferences screen - maybe you’re syncing to a different account?

Also a warning on multiple profiles: Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you so much! You were right, I was just logged into the wrong account.

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