Anki on iPhone and Mac won't synchronize

I have made new decks on my MacBook and sorted them in to folders. I have synched my phone/MacBook the folders and the new decks from the computer won’t at all show up on the phone. Tried even deleting a deck from my phone and synched but that deck was still on my computer.

If it’s the subdecks you are not seeing, please note you can tap on the plus icon to show the child decks. If that does not explain it, could you please attach show screenshots showing the difference, or describe the difference more specifically?

Tanks for your answer. Yes I know that I can tap the plus. But the problem is that none of the decks at all that I have made recently on the computer can be find at myt phone. The decks on my phone do not at all sync with the computer (haven’t studied anki for two months so that was the last time I synchronized, and the decks look like they did for 2months ago). I have plenty of decks on my phone and on my MacBook I wanted to organize them so they are in folders here - so you see it does not look the same at all + that I have added new decks on the computer that is not seen on the phone.

It looks like you’re being prompted to upload or download. In order for things to sync properly, you’ll need to chose Upload on the device that has your recent changes, then sync your other device and choose Download. After doing so, the two devices should be in sync, and should show the same thing.

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Thank you so much, I had apparently pressed wrong!