My Anki app and my Anki desktop on Mac don’t syncs right

My Anki app was showing me different number of dues and new cards than my MacBook Anki was. So, I hit “synchronize” on the app and what happened was that the order changed on the app, like the files weren’t organized the way I had originally organized them, and the number of reviews cards and due cards changed but still does not match up with the desktop Anki.
This is making me so confused on which one it study and it’s stressing me out

If you have accidentally synced in the wrong direction, you may be able to restore from a backup. Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

After uploading on one device, and downloading on the other, the deck lists should match. If they do not, perhaps you are syncing with different email addresses? You can check in the preferences screen of each client.