How to sync anki mobile card to ipad


I have anki mobile. I have create tons of cards on anki mobile. I download anki on my ipad and none of my cards showed up. How can i get the cards that i created on my mobile to show up on my ipad?

To start syncing your collection across devices, click the sync button (the top right one on the main screen). You’ll be prompted for your AnkiWeb ID and password, which you created in the signup process.

When you synchronize your collection for the first time, Anki will ask you if you want to upload or download. If you have cards on your computer and your AnkiWeb account is empty, choose “upload” to send your data to AnkiWeb. If you have cards on AnkiWeb from another device, and no cards on your computer, choose “download” to replace the empty local collection with the cards that are on AnkiWeb. If you have different cards on both devices, more work is required to avoid losing data.

Once the initial one way sync is completed, Anki will be able to merge changes from multiple locations with a few exceptions.

If you have multiple people using Anki on one machine and have created a profile for each user, each user will need to create their own AnkiWeb account to sync with. If you attempt to synchronize multiple profiles with a single AnkiWeb account, you will lose data.

Source: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual
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