Anki Multiple Device Sync Problem

I synced my Anki decks across multiple devices (3: iPhone, Ipad, and MacBook Pro). There is no problem with editing when it involves non-image cards. However, anytime there is an image involved, I cannot see it on the devices that do not have the original file saved. For example, if I create a card with an image on my MacBook, I cannot see the card on my iPad vs. if I create a card with an image on my iPad, I cannot see it on my MacBook. And I have allowed “sync sounds and images.” already so I am not sure what the problem is.

The second problem is the progress of the decks does not save across the devices. My due cards do not align with each other across devices–I wasn’t sure if this function was possible because it would be super ideal for me to use different devices to get through my daily cards without losing my progress.

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You should synch to Ankiweb each time you finish using a device, and before starting the next session in another device you should sync from Ankiweb. Also, make sure you check the checkbox labeled “synchronize audio and images too” in Preferences’ Network tab.

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Yes, I always sync to the web and download onto the device. And the audio and images sync option is checked. Also, I deleted my bigger decks to see if there is a sync problem, so that I can make sure its not incomplete sync issue–so I only have 11 cards in my deck to test but the images still fail to load across my devices.

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