Images missing after sync

A significant number of images (from the lightyear step 1 deck, in case it matters) are not uploading from the desktop app on mac to ankiweb. Have waited for it to sync, checked that it said sync complete, checked media, checked database, no dice, all the images from the deck are still not uploaded to ankiweb and not downloading to other devices. Any ideas or help?

Have you confirmed that the images on those cards do show correctly in the computer version? When you say you waited for the sync to complete, do you mean you confirmed the computer version is saying “media sync complete”? If yes to both those questions, please try log out of the computer version’s preferences screen, then sync again, which will force a rescan of all media. Then please confirm ‘media sync complete’ is shown again.

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I’m having a similar problem, I have pasted images (from a pdf document) into an anki card. They appear normally on the computer version but only as blank boxes on the iphone version. Similarly if I put an image in a card on anki iphone it doesn’t appear on the computer version.
I have closed and restarted both apps. Syncing appears to be complete, although I don’t see “media sync complete” anywhere, and never have with any syncs in the past. How can I get the images to sync properly please?

Please see Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions