Anki Not Syncing From Laptop

Hi everyone. First off, I have Anki on multiple platforms and when I make cards on my desktop, it syncs fine with no problems. When I make cards from my laptop, it doesn’t sync the images specifically (I need them, as I am in medical school), but the rest of the card syncs. In addition, I get this error image picture below. I’ve tried redownloading the app, restarting my computer, and then re-logging in to no avail.

Let me know what you can do to help me out!

Update: I reset my whole laptop to its factory settings and it’s still not uploading. I now cannot download ANY cards from my Ankiweb. Please advise!

Update: I bought an entirely new MacBook Air and it is still not syncing. More specifically, my cards are getting downloaded from the AnkiWeb, but the all-important images are not downloading. What’s weird is that it works perfectly fine for my other desktop, iPad, and iPhone. The only ones where it’s not working are my 2019 MacBook Pro and this new MacBook Air I just bought. Please advise, I really need help!

Images are not downloaded immediately (synchronously). Media (which includes images) will be synchronized in the background. You should be able to tell this from a dialog that is opening. You need to leave Anki open for the synchronization to finish.

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More info: Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions