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I have been using AnkiWeb (on my iPad) to make cards. I tried to sync them to anki desktop on my laptop today where it asked if i wanted to download or upload. I chose upload because i thought that would put my AnkiWeb cards onto my laptop (overwriting any cards on my laptop already). But now i cannot see my AnkiWeb cards on my iPad or on my laptop.
How do i go about getting the cards back?

See Backups - Anki Manual

Upload: Your Device → AnkiWeb
Download: AnkiWeb → Your device
Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

thank you for clarifying, I clearly didn’t read that right.
So my ankiweb is only showing the decks that were on my anki desktop. I don’t see a way of restoring my old decks back onto ankiweb. I don’t think I’m doing the right thing? the manual goes through how to restore on anki desktop but I can’t work out how to restore my card on ankiweb

I’m not certain I understood 100%, so I’m giving two sets of instructions.

edit: Oh no, I think I did misunderstand. You never mentioned the app on the iPad.

If your iPad’s Anki app has a working collection despite AnkiWeb not showing anything:

  1. Create a backup in case the next step goes wrong. You can do it by using either File -> Create backup or File -> Export. If you use File -> Export, make sure to select .colpkg and Include media. Here’s the Anki manual page for creating a backup: Backups - Anki Manual

  2. Force a sync in one direction. Under Tools -> Preferences -> Syncing, there’s an option named “On next sync, force changes in one direction”. Enable that.

  3. Sync. Make sure to UPLOAD from your iPad to AnkiWeb.

If even your iPad’s Anki app doesn’t show anything:


And if your iPad has automatic backups that you can restore from, then you can load the latest backup and force a sync in one direction – from your iPad to AnkiWeb.

Follow the instructions in the Anki manual section for restoring from an automatic backup: Backups - Anki Manual

The Open Backup button mentioned in the manual is shown in this picture, second from the bottom:

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Can you confirm that you only used AnkiWeb on the iPad (and not the app)?
This sounds like you need someone to check if there’s a backup that can be loaded.

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I can restore your collection to the state it was on the 22nd. Any changes/additions you made since then will be lost. Please confirm if you wish me to proceed.


yes that would be perfect, thank you!

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Done. Please choose Download on the next sync.

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Thank you so much!!

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