Trouble syncing new cards

Hi, I created some new cards on my Anki desktop app yesterday and synced before closing down. I am now trying to sync on my iPhone Anki app to review the cards but the new cards are not appearing. I have tried google, ensured the versions are up to date on both my PC and my iPhone but still not having any luck.

Not sure if this is related but when trying to sync, I get the attached message. This appears on my PC and on my iPhone.

Also I accidentally deleted some old cards yesterday and tried to revert to a previous back up in an attempt to recover them and again not sure if that has caused this…

I’d appreciate if someone can help as I tend to review my cards on my iPhone throughout the day.


It seems you’re mixing several problems here: sync devices, deleting cards, restoring backups…

Please try to be more specific about what you have exactly done and what you want exactly to do. Otherwise it’s going to be really difficult trying to figure out what your problem really is.

I need my new cards that I’ve created on Anki desktop to show on my iPhone app and I’m not sure why they are not appearing despite syncing.

Ok, if your new cards are still in your PC:

  1. Make a backup of your devices.
  2. Sync Anki Desktop to Ankiweb (keep Anki desktop)
  3. Sync your phone to Ankiweb (keep Ankiweb)

When restoring from a backup, you’ll need to do a full sync. Once you’ve confirmed one of your devices has the data you want, please sync and choose “Upload” there, and then sync any other devices, choosing “Download” on them.

Thanks you both for your help - that’s now fixed the issue.