Anki Laptop, Browser, & Mobile Not Syncing Media from Downloaded Pre-Made Deck

Hello fellow anki’ers, I am hoping someone could help me figure out how to fix the issue of media files not syncing in shared decks downloaded from premade decks and even my own individually made decks with media files for image occlusion. The media files not loading on the ankiweb net broswer, mobile app render it useless for me because the images are required to benefit learning.

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If the media is not displaying on AnkiWeb, but does work on your computer, then please wait for the computer to say “media sync complete”, as shown in the link above.

“Experiencing syncing issues with Anki on laptop, browser, and mobile? It can be frustrating, especially when media won’t transfer from a pre-made deck. Troubleshooting might help resolve this!”

Did you have a question David?

Yeah the media keeps glitching out on some my cards

What exactly do you mean by “glitching out”? The more specific you can be, the greater the chance we’ll be able to help.

It deletes some images on cards that were already made. Based on forums, it might be related to some sort of syncing issue.

Also, I was wondering how to circumnavigate another separate issue whereby the anki cards keep changing the “ID” (top) section to “hidden” after I make one card. It would save me hours each day if I could continue making cards without having to close the “add card” tab, scroll and open a whole new one again just to make one new card each time. Would you be able to help with this issue too?

Please start by following the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions, especially checking if this still happens when all add-ons are disabled.

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