Media syncing issue

I usually make my cards on my phone and then sometimes review on my laptop. But the media isn’t appearing on my laptop.
It just shows that xyz cards are missing and then goes on to Tag a few cars with missing images.
I check my Anki web and it shows that it has media.

What should I do?

make sure you have Synchronize audio and images too in Tools -> Preferences checked. (on anki desktop)

if it wasn’t enabled already, enable it and then press sync. it should download your media.

Yeah it’s already selected
Plus when I click sync, it opens up a media sync log.

read this, it might help you find out what’s causing your problem.

the file locations link isn’t updated in this topic. here’s the link to that part in manual:

Yeah so I tried that but the media collection in my desktop is only 1.83GB while that on anki web is around 4GB.
Hence many of the images referenced by cards are missing.

Everytime I click sync it shows this.

have you ever let media sync finish on your pc?
that log shows that media files are getting downloaded to your pc. if you abort it, you’ll have missing media on your pc.
because you have to download about 2500 MB, i suggest you use anki 2.1.22+ to sync your media as it can download the media files in background.


Yeah that was the case. Got all my media
Guess I was too impatient and ignored that dialog box :confused:

Thanks a ton!