Images missing in AnkiWeb

Hi all, I downloaded some shared decks today and I am able to see the images on the desktop app but not on ankiweb or my phone. I have downloaded decks from these people before and the images show up for the older ones but not the ones I downloaded today. I waited for the sync to complete. I replaced .JPG with .jpg. I made sure sync images and audio was checked. I deleted the decks and downloaded them again. Restarted anki and my computer multiple times. I deleted unused media. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Stressed med student with an upcoming exam

Some of your cards are referencing media files that have not yet been uploaded to AnkiWeb. That implies that either media syncing has not completed yet (Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions), or that some images are missing locally as well.

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