New card count on desktop doesn't align with mobile

The number of new cards to review is higher on my mobile app than my desktop app. My mobile app has a maximum of 16 new cards per deck and most decks are maxed out. My desktop app, however, has 16 new cards in total, and there are decks with no new cards on desktop with 16 new cards on mobile. How to fix? I’ve tried updating the desktop app, force syncing, restarting my computer, etc. and nothing has worked so far. I don’t have any add-ons. This seems to be a common issue because I’ve found other forums with the same problem, but none of the proposed fixes have worked for me.

  • What versions are you using on each device? (Because it could be either a scheduler mismatch or a time zone handling issue.)
  • You mentioned a few things on the Troubleshooting checklist – Troubleshooting - Anki Manual - but have you gone through the rest? I’m especially interested in knowing what you see after #2 (without add-ons) and #4 (Check Database).
  • Are you accounting for the fact that AnkiMobile only shows 2 counters on the Decks page, while Anki Desktop splits that out in to 3?
  • Are the issues only with New cards (not the other categories)? Perhaps some screenshots would help.

Ref: Reddit - Dive into anything

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Thanks for the help! I figure it out, I updated the mobile app (unsure if this was necessary, but it’s worth pointing out), which temporarily replaced the problem with a different, bigger problem where they were both synced up, but to the wrong desktop version with fewer new cards. Then I checked “new cards ignore review limit” on mobile and then synced the mobile and desktop apps together and it was fixed!

I do have one issue with the new update unrelated to my previous problem and it’s that the estimated time to review cards no longer shows on the app. Is there a way to change this? It was a very useful feature for me to decide what my review limit should be and I’d hate if it were removed without an option to turn it back on.

Yes, I think you may have been using the v2 scheduler on one device and the v3 scheduler on the other. It isn’t a problem per se, but can result in different counts like you saw. Current versions only support the v3 scheduler, so you should be good now.

Are you asking about AnkiDroid (Android) or AnkiMobile (iOS)?

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Android. I would also like the answer for desktop but I don’t know if that’s ever had the review time on by default so nothing’s changed there.

EDIT: I’ve noticed there’s an option to show ETA but it still doesn’t show the ETA in the main menu. Why? Why remove this feature? Now it just shows it once you’ve already opened the deck, which is a big downgrade from being able to see it in the main menu. Is there any way to see the ETA in the main menu?

About AnkiDroid (from a few versions ago, but shows you the thought process): Reddit - Dive into anything

About Anki Desktop:

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So they just removed it from the main menu completely? No way to bring it back, just overly complicated ways to do something that was once very simple? I also don’t know how to get the widget and don’t understand why I would need to.

I think David explained it pretty well – it was inaccurate and inconsistent with the rest of the ecosystem.

Your widget question was already answered on your duplicate post.

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