Discrepancy in reviews between Anki desktop vs. Anki iOS


So I have been using Anki for a while now, but as my decks became larger, the difference in daily reviews became more apparent between my devices. I am still adding cards to the decks daily through the desktop client, which automatically and I do synchronize multiple times a day with Ankiweb.

I review in the evening, and I have often about 2xx reviews waiting on my desktop client, even after I hit multiple times the synchronization button. But then when I open the iOS app on my iPad, it is often much like 50 cards less to review, and once I synchronize Anki on my iPad the amount of reviews stays the same and instead makes that the amount of reviews goes down on Anki desktop, when I synchronize that once more.

So long story short, it is frustrating to see that my amount of daily reviews differs depending on the device I use, and I dont know what is causing this discrepancy.

Anyone with a similar experience or a solution to this problem?

Please update to the latest stable Anki version, and then upgrade the scheduler when prompted at the top of the deck list. Then sync and choose Upload, and then download on your other devices. If the counts don’t match after that, please let me know.