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Different number of daily reviews between AnkiDroid and AnkiWeb

So few days ago I noticed that the number of cards to be reviewed is different between AnkiDroid and AnkiWeb and no amount of syncing can change that.
The things I’ve tried:

  • Creating a new deck and moving all cards to that said deck. Done that on Anki Desktop (seen the suggestion on this forum). No effect.
  • Force syncing from AnkiDroid (which has the correct, lower amount of cards). After this forced change, when I go to AnkiWeb it shows the correct number of cards, but after any single interaction with the page it goes right back to the wrong number again, which is quite strange.
  • Updating Anki Dekstop. No effect.
    Anything I can do about it other than going through all cards on AnkiWeb?
    Add-ons I have: Google dictionary; review heatmap; anki simulator. I don’t any of these have anything to do with database or syncing.

Right after posting this, I found that some users have solved it by turning off v2 scheduler. Same thing worked for me. Turning it off makes the count correct on all devices. If I turn it back on, the numbers are not correct again. Should I report this?

Tried deleting deck from AnkiWeb and then forcing sync from AnkiDroid, but nothing changed. It seems the error happens when interpreting AnkiDroid data?? AnkiDroid still shows correct amount of daily reviews while AnkiWeb shows incorrect number.
Also the difference in due date of a card between AnkiDroid and AnkiWeb is one day. For some reason AnkiWeb shows that tomorrow’s cards (according to AnkiDroid) are due today.

This is an AnkiDroid bug. Some users have had success changing the ‘legacy timezone’ setting.

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