Daily counts are reset on sync

Hi. I’ve recently noticed that sync isn’t working as expected between my devices. This issue is appears on iOS (iPad and iPhone) and on macOS as well so my examples will focus on problems between my iPad and iPhone. I’m using newest version available on apple store (2.0.67).

Subset of my decks looks as follows (new cards limits are: Languages-25, Deutsch-25)

Now when I do ‘review/learning’ cards on my iPhone, sync and sync on iPad, review count is synced properly.

The problem appears when new card is handled on iPhone (or iPad or mac, doesn’t matter). If I mark card red the count on my iPhone looks as follows:

However when I sync (without any issues) on iPad I get

Looks like card went from ‘new card’ to ‘learning’ state just fine but somehow the limit wasn’t updated and I have to do 25 new cards on my iPad. This makes 50 new cards a day and not 25.

I’ve done two things lately that might’ve contributed to this issues: I updated scheduler v2 and I changed some deck settings (adjusting learning steps). I don’t know exactly when this started to happen so I can’t point to cause directly. I’ve checked timezones on my devices and they are the same. Day ends on 4:00 on every device.

When I do ‘Full sync’ to upload from one device and download on the other, counters are updated properly. But as soon as I start doing my cards it happens again.

I hope you can help me.

Edit: I’ve just found out that issue described here Different number of new cards on desktop and mobile is exactly the same as mine, but for me it happens between iphone-desktop, ipad-iphone and ipad-desktop as well :confused:


Hi Damian,

Is it possible you’re not always syncing at the start and end of each session? The daily counts are sent from the device that has modified the deck most recently, so if you forget to sync it may cause the counts to be transferred in the wrong direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkiM4DPzSVc&t=224s

Hi. It’s not that simple I’m afraid. I start with the same count everywhere (after forcing sync from one party). I’m pressing “Sync” just after I did my review on device A, so every change should be pushed to the cloud. When I press sync on other device B these are the things that happen:

  • if I do review/learning cards on A changes are applied correctly. I can see updated green number of both devices.
  • if I do new card on A, mark it as red and sync, then after syncing on B I get green counter updated (new card has just moved to learning and that’s fine), but new cards count stays the same on B while it was updated just fine on A.
  • Now the weirdest scenario. Let’s assume I completed previous step and have (green, blue) counter as follows: on A (79G, 24B), on B (79G, 25B). If I do any card on B, no matter if it’s review/learning or new card, sync on B and then sync on A then green counter is updated on A correctly but blue counter hits 25 again! No matter what happened on B.

I’ve been using Anki since 1 year and I haven’t experienced such issues before. It started to pop up after switching to v2 scheduler. I’m considering going back to v1 if that continues to happen. I hope I didn’t mess up my collection through this upgrade though :confused:

Please ensure your devices are in sync, then:

  • visit AnkiWeb and review one card on it
  • sync your other devices again

That will let AnkiWeb note down the timezone you are in, so its daily rollover calculations match your other clients. I suspect that will fix your issue; please let me know how you go.

Sorry, scratch that - it appears you have it already set on your collection.

If you check the counts on AnkiWeb between syncs, does that help to locate which sync is not functioning correctly?

Hello! I’ve run into an issue with Anki, where even though I do all my reviews and new cards and sync after, there are still new cards showing on the desktop. This only happens when I review on mobile.

Example: I review 15 cards and do 10 new ones in the Anki app, sync, and then sync the desktop version, but the desktop version is still showing 10 new cards due.

I forgot to add that the problem seems to have started happening after I turned on the V2 scheduler.

Thank you in advance for responses.

The daily study count is stored in each deck, so if something (like an add-on) is modifying your decks before you sync, it may cause the daily count to be overwritten. You can minimize the chances of this happening by making sure you sync at both the start and end of each session, and if problems persist, I suggest you sync AnkiMobile then check on AnkiWeb to see if the counts match AnkiMobile.

I just found out that the problem is of a bit different nature, it’s not that the new cards that I do on phone don’t get stored, but that more new cards pops-up as due.

Example: I do a new card that asks what the capital of France is and it gets moved to the learning cue and then to the future, but my desktop still shows that I need to do 1 new card that day, if I review it says “What is the capital of Denmark?”. So the problem is not that the new cards just get reset, but that the desktop seems to double the limit of my new cards. Hope this was comprehensible somehow.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I also noticed that my desktop and mobile collections differ in weird ways (related cards getting buried on desktop but not on mobile) and no matter how many times I sync the collections are still different. I always have to force a one-way sync.

Assuming you are syncing each time you start using a device and again when you’re about to stop using it, it implies that something is modifying your decks on the computer version. Have you tried disabling add-ons and seeing if the issue happens again tomorrow? https://faqs.ankiweb.net/when-problems-occur.html

I’ll merge this into another thread that appears to be the same issue.

Thanks for your replies Damien. Yesterday, I’ve briefly checked AnkiWeb to see if counts matched there. I was surprised that for the problematic deck I’ve mentioned numbers were totally different. Sorry, but I didn’t write them down.

Later that evening, I’ve opened anki and tried to do my review anyway. However, when cards in learning phase rolled in (I have learning steps set as follows: 15 1440 8640, so I assume that means +1440 interval was hit) everything has magically been fixed. I tried reviewing learning/new cards on every device and syncing and it looks just fine. Any idea what has caused that? It’s great that everything is working again but maybe I was doing something stupid that caused this problem in the first place. :smile_cat:

Sorry, but I might’ve replied just a second too early…

After promising yesterday’s evening I had every device in sync. In Deutsch deck I had (93G, 9B) and when I did single review card on my PC today’s morning, synced and then synced on phone counter on the latter has been set to (92G, 25B) while on desktop it remains on correct value (92G, 9B). I can assure you that yesterday everything looked just fine, because I specifically checked it several times so I can reply here.

Surprisingly, counts on ankiweb are again quite weird.

While this is how my desktop looks like

And here my iPhone:

Hitting sync or refreshing page on ankiweb does nothing.

Please enable the new timezone handling and upload, downloading on your other devices. Presumably that brings all 3 back into sync - does it stay that way?

Ok, so I’ve enabled this setting

forced sync into cloud and then downloaded on other devices. Then I did a few reviews on desktop, synced and synced on iPhone but it looks like problem persist.




Thanks for all the testing, I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of it. Please go into the preferences, change the rollover to 5 and close the window. Then return to the window and switch it back to 4. After another round of full syncs, please let me know if that does not resolve the new count being reset.

The review count on AnkiWeb differing is due to a different bug introduced in recent releases - I’m planning to address it as I work through the scheduling code.

@Chika it looks like the same problem in your collection - the same fix will likely sort out your issue.

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Thanks for your quick replies. When I opened my apps just a minute ago everything was magically in sync. I tried doing couple of cards and everything seems to work fine. So I can’t really say if proposed steps would’ve helped. I did them anyway however. Let’s see if this state holds for more than a day :smile_cat:

I fixed this on the AnkiWeb end, so the issue should correct itself after a regular sync from AnkiWeb. If you find it crops up again, please let me know.

Thanks for help again. Sync works flawlessly now. I’ll write here in case of any issues.