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[Bug] Sync resetting new card count

Hello! For some reason my new card count (blue number) is getting reset back to the daily cap when I sync. The issue is only present with a normal sync; full sync works as expected.

This is the number I’m referring to:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start with two Windows 10 PCs with identical Anki 2.1.22 installs
  2. Be done or part way through reviews (such that the blue number is lower than the max)
  3. Do a full sync to ensure all counts are matching between computers
    Note: If you then do a normal sync at this point, the bug will not occur. The normal sync has to include a change for the bug to occur.
  4. Make a change on computer A. This could be anything from reviewing a card to simply changing your current deck.
  5. Do a normal sync on computer A (in order to upload your change)
  6. Go to computer B and do a normal sync (in order to download the change)
    Note: At this point, computer A still has the expected count, while computer B now has its new card count reset to the daily cap.

Here is a brief video demonstrating the issue:

Things I’ve tried:

  • Restarting PCs, etc.
  • Checking the database
  • Disabling Morphman (an addon which has features involving learning / adding new cards)

Things I can’t try :slightly_frowning_face::

  • Updating Anki (unfortunately one of my most important addons, MIA Japanese, only updates every 6 months. It currently only supports 2.1.22)

When did the issue begin:

  • I’ve been just been working around it for a couple weeks
  • Perhaps it might have started around the DST change on Nov 1st? I have my next day set to start at 4AM in Anki’s settings. Since Nov 1st I’ve had a bug where the next day’s reviews come in an hour early, at 3AM, while everything else waits until 4AM
  • Since a few weeks before the issue began, I haven’t been doing reviews on AnkiDroid. However, in exception, there was one day around the time the issue started where I did a couple reviews on it. I vaguely recall a bug occurring where the new count in AnkiDroid wasn’t correct.

Here are my addons. A lot of them are just UI tweaks:

I would be very grateful if anyone is willing to provide some insight into this!
Thanks :^)