Data fine on iphone but there is nothing on Ankiweb

I use the Anki app fine on my iphone. It is version 4.12.0. The Sync status says “Just Now” with a tick mark. Under the section “Other Devices” it has 4 devices

IOS ipad air 4

Web Client [4.8.4]

Web Client [4.8.4]

iOS iPhone13,2 [4.8.3].

My problem is when i go to Ankiweb and log in with my account, there is only a Default Deck with nothing in it. My desk on my phone is not there. I don’t know what do to to sync my iphone deck to the web.

Could the issue be related to the fact there are two devices that says Web Client?

Any ideas how to fix my issue?

Please see AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

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