No Review/Due cards anymore


I have been using anki with the same settings since August, and all of the sudden, I do not have any review/due cards that are normally in the green column. My new cards/day and maximum reviews/day are both set to 9999. My learning steps are set to 10m 1d 3d. I have been studying these cards everyday since early last week, so I would think I would have some cards to review by now. Please help!!

Depending on how many cards you have, your Options, and how you have graded your answers, it’s certainly possible to have 0 Review cards due on a particular day. If you want to see how many Reviews you have coming up, you can look in Stats at your Future Due graph – Statistics - Anki Manual – or run a search in the Browse window, like prop:due>0Searching - Anki Manual .

I just checked my stats and it actually says I have 70 cards to review today. There were 102 due yesterday, and more in the upcoming days - this is why I am so confused because they don’t actually show up in my decks.

Check the decks/subdecks those cards are in (and any parent decks you click to study) to make sure none of them are using a different Deck Options preset, or have per-deck limits that are different. Deck Options - Anki Manual

All of the decks have the same deck options preset/limits. :frowning:

If it’s not Deck Options (and you did check per-deck limits for every deck/subdeck, correct?), there must be another reason why Anki isn’t showing you these cards. Run searches in the Browse window for prop:due=0 -is:suspended (cards due today) and prop:due<0 -is:suspended (overdue cards). How many cards are you getting – and what decks/subdecks are they in? Compare those with the counts on the main Decks page.

Do you have any scheduling/delay-releated add-ons?

And – just to make sure we’re on the same page – what do you mean by “show up in my decks”? Is that in the counts on the main Decks page, or in the counts on a Deck’s own study page, or in the counts when you studying, or the actual cards that you’re studying? (Yes, it could be more than one of those.)

It shows 0 due on the main decks page, in the counts on a deck’s own studying page, and in the counts while I am studying.

When I ran the searches, it showed I had 70 cards due. However, when I went back to the main decks page, each deck/subdeck still had 0 due.

And I do not think I have any scheduling/delay related add-ons. The only add-on I have is the heatmap at the bottom of the decks.

Also - I really appreciate you helping me, I am not an anki whiz by any means!!

I’m happy to help, but I don’t know how far we’re going to get. I’m trying to think this through rationally and not getting anywhere.

Anki will show you all cards that are due/overdue, until you hit some kind of limit – but you’re telling me there’s no review limits to hit on any of these decks. These cards aren’t suspended, and they can’t be buried, because then they wouldn’t show in the browser as due. But for some reason Anki can’t produce them for you, and doesn’t even seem to know they exist.

You don’t have them in a filtered deck do you?

No, I do not.

At this point I’m considering deleting the app off of my laptop and redownloading it to see if that helps…

I don’t know how helpful that will be, but if you want to try it, go ahead. You might want to try the rest of the Troubleshooting checklist first – Troubleshooting - Anki Manual.

The next things that might help diagnose it from the outside are to see what these due cards look like in the browser (including columns like Due, Interval, Deck), see what the Card Info looks like for a couple of them, and see your Deck Options.

You have 1 and 3 day learning steps, and when you forget a card, it starts again. You can confirm this for yourself by searching for rated:7 to locate all cards answered in the last week, and then using the card info screen to review their history.

I restarted my laptop (for the 5th time) and somehow this time I magically have due cards. Thanks for your help!

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