Anki problem with coding cards to due

I will do my anki daily and when I finish all my reviews or new cards (most I am clicking good and it says 3+d on its code), and it will say I should have “400” due tomorrow. Then the next day when I open Anki it says I have only 30 due and 600 reviews. I’ve never been able to make my due higher than like 60 and most of my cards I’m clicking good for 3+d. I’ve checked my settings and they are the same as my other friends whose work to properly move cards to due. Please help!

Say more about what you mean by these. Where are you seeing these numbers? What color are they (if they are the Blue/Red/Green numbers on the main screen or a Deck screen)?

Can you post the Card Info from a card you studied that you think is set incorrectly? Statistics - Anki Manual
Also post your Deck Options.

Only about 30 cards will ever move over to due (green). Most of my cards are staying in learn (red). My new cards will appear in new (blue). But even when I move all of my cards to 1+d from now, they never appear in due - they appear in learn (red). How do i find card data?

The link …

I can’t follow the link’s instructions because I have completed all my cards for today

I figured it out. Please let me know if this helps!

  • Go into the Browse window.
  • Search for rated:1 to find the cards you studied today or introduced:1 for New cards you saw for the first time today.
  • Post the Card Info for one you are concerned about.

And definitely post your Deck Options too, because those are the likely cause of what you’re seeing. Deck Options - Anki Manual

Here are my deck options. I posted a card info for a card I think is being coded to learn instead of due.

Yep, I see it. That one that you posted will be in “Due” the next time you see it – but that won’t be until 6 Feb. It’s because of how you have your learning steps set. If you read this, you should be able to get a sense of what is happening and you can check your other cards. Studying - Anki Manual

When you are reading Card Info, you’ll see the timestamp, the state when the card was shown to you, the grade you gave your answer, and the resulting interval and ease.

To get you started – for this particular card, you would read it –

  • 22nd - Started on 15m step, rated Hard, interval set to halfway between 15m step and 1d step = ~12h
  • 23rd - Rated Good, advanced to 1d step
  • 24th - Rated Good, advanced to 3d step
  • 27th - Rated Hard, repeated 3d step
  • 30th - Rated Good, graduated to Review, given 7d interval (which should be your 6d graduating interval, with fuzz Studying - Anki Manual) – you can tell this card definitely graduated because it has its starting Ease set.

Thank you. But I still don’t understand why it has taken so long to move to due if I keep clicking good and advancing it 1+days? And I am sure I will see this card tomorrow, I have to do all of my cards every day for some reason

You have 3 learning steps. That means that if you grade your answer Good each time, it won’t graduate to Review [what you’re calling “due (green)”] until the 3rd time you see it – the 3rd time you grade it Good – and it will take about 5 days to get there. Which is exactly what happened here – except that you saw it 5 times because you graded it Hard twice, and it didn’t advance a step. So it took 8 days.

For all of the days before graduating from that final learning step, this card stayed in Learn (red), because it was still in your learning steps. If you want cards to graduate faster from the learning steps, you need fewer and/or shorter learning steps.

If this card shows up again tomorrow, you’ll be able to tell for sure, because every card has a unique ID. You can search specifically for this ID in the Browse window. Searching - Anki Manual

So tomorrow, you can again screenshot this Card Info and we can see what changed.

If you can find a card that you’re studying every day, post that info here, and someone can probably help you figure out why. In fact, if you want to post the data for a few more cards, I’ll take a look at them now. But it’s impossible to diagnose the situation without seeing the data on those cards.

It is quite likely that you have cards that are siblings to each other, and it seems to you like you’re seeing them every day because you’re seeing siblings. You’re also possibly seeing multiple siblings in one day, because you only have part of the burying settings turned on (but I can’t tell you how that is affecting you/which categories of cards you’re seeing first, because I think you’re using the v2 scheduler where that setting is still in Tools>Preferences).

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