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I’m very new to anki and I recently downloaded the JackSparrow deck to study for the MCAT. However, the due cards aren’t showing up. I deleted and re-downloaded the deck. When I go into browse I can see there are cards that are due. Any help is much appreciated.

is:due includes cards in the red learning queue.

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Thank you. Was just wanting to confirm, is it normal to never specifically have anything under the due queue and only the learn queue goes up (green number)? Or is there a problem with my settings I should address?

That depends on if you’re answering Good/Easy on the cards, and how many learning steps they have. Also Anki does not use green numbers; that sounds like it’s from an add-on.

Thank you. I’ve tried everything including changing my settings and I do believe this is an issue. My due cards haven’t shown up and I can’t use anki effectively unless they do. I don’t know why this is happening, I’ve even switched laptops and re-downloaded anki. Is there any way I can share my anki screen? Please let me know. I would really appreciate any help.

Green “due” cards are the subset of review cards that you are supposed to do today. Based on your settings, these are cards that you have rated good at least 3 times in a row and are ready to be reviewed again. You can find all the green cards by searching for is:review -is:learn. If you want the green cards that you’re supposed to do today search for is:review -is:learn is:due.

If you’re doing a lot of new “blue” cards every day, then its normal for the orange number to increase faster than the green number. You should lower your “new cards/day” setting to like 50, otherwise, you’ll have to study way more than you can probably handle


Hi, the main problem I’m facing is that I never get any cards in the due column (I’ve now tried on three different devices) using settings from video sources. I was hoping I could get some help in determining what I could be doing wrong. Is there any way I could get 1on1 support?

For example, here I can see I have cards due:

But once again, nothing is coming up in my computer under the due column to allow me to actually do my due cards. For example (below): my due column always shows 0.
These are my settings:
I am willing to compensate for your time and efforts, I really just want help to fix this problem. I’ve tried using anki on three different devices.

The “Due” in the deck browser has a slightly different meaning than the Due in the main screen. If I were you, I would lower my new cards a day to 10 or something way lower than 9999. Once you are seeing the same cards multiple times instead of just going through only new ones, the Due column in the main screen will start showing you numbers.

Edit to add: Here are some tips on taking screenshots.


Based on your settings, you have to get the same card right 2-3 times, then wait 3 days before it will show up again in the Due column

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